The most established subsidiary of GEN Education Group, Tertiaty Education Counselling & Student Services have been key business activites of GEN for the past 11 years. Established since January 2006, GEN Student Services Centres are now operating in 9 cities in Malaysia, and has this far counselled and serviced over 10,000 Malaysian students.

GEN is currently working officially with over 500 universities and colleges around the world, with main focus in the United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, USA, Singapore, Malaysia, Korea, China, Switzerland, and Europe.

In the second decade of operations, GEN is aiming to further grow its students service centres to cover 23 major cities and towns in Malaysia. This will cover whole Malaysia geographically, from North to South (Penang to JB), and West to East (KL, Kuching to KK).


One of the fastest growing subsidiaries of GEN Education Group, GEN Tuition has grown from 1 to 5 tuition centres now in Sarawak within 2 years under the brand name of PTSC, Pusat Tuisyen Sentosa Cemerlang (3 with majority shares, 2 with minority).

In the next 3 years, GEN Tuition has planned and aimed to create a Tuition Empire in Malaysia by operating 50 tuition centres nationwide under its belt. GEN has identified 38 potential cities and towns in the Country to set up its operations, with majority centres under the Merger & Acquisition exercise with existing tuition centres in town.

GEN Tuition is to provide standardised teaching materials by a group of Star Tutors, computerised students management & fees collection system, interactive students & tutors App, and nationwide marketing campaign.


GEN Psychometric Test was developed based on John L. Holland's 'Holland Occupational Theme' (also known as Holland Codes - RIASEC). GEN Counsellors and Professional Team has used nearly 2 years to develop the Test targetting all youth and young students from the age of 15 to 25 years old. The Test enables GEN Counsellors to determine the Personality, Interest, and Preferred Lifestyle of each young students, so that to guide them for better education and career path.

The Board of Governance for GEN Psychometric Test consists with psychological counsellors from Australia, UK, Taiwan, and Malaysia. These members developed, and constantly expanding & updating the Test to suit the Malaysian local contexts.

For the past 2 years, the Test has been widely used by Secondary Schools in Klang Valley / Greater Kuala Lumpur, Sarawak, and Sabah. A dedicated team of Counsellors have been formed by GEN to offer the Test and Professional Review in all cities and towns of Malaysia within next 3 years, targetting over 3 mollion secondary and college students in the Country.


Serving as the advertising and promotional arm for whole GEN Group, GEN Education Media has grown gradually to be an independent subsidiary that owns publications, serving as the organiser for Educational Seminars and Fairs nationwide.

Currently, GEN Media hosts over 30 Education Fairs annually in Malaysia, and managing several promotional websites and publications with constant educational advertisers.

In the next 3 years, GEN Media aims to be one of the main educational advertising company in Malaysia, hosting at least twice annual Education Fairs at 38 cities and towns in Malaysia.


Apart from promoting tertiary institutions and conducting academic courses, another subsidiary under GEN Group of Companies, GEN Academy is also running several training and non-academic courses, inclusive street & modern dances, fitness training, belly dance, photography, music DJ, and so on.

GEN believes learning and education shall be all-rounded, with both academic and personal development training. At such, GEN Academy is aiming to introduce more non-academic and vocational training courses, nationwide in the next 3 years.


‘GEN Buddies’ is the general term for every students/trainees/participants/members that went through GEN ecosystem. Currently, there are over 200,000 ‘GEN Buddies’ who have been through GEN services and overall ecosystem, be it the students GEN referred to worldwide institutions, students attended GEN Tuition Schools, and participants who attended GEN Seminars, Workshops, Events & Fairs.

GEN Buddies is an online support and service platform, combining all GEN’s members nationwide, by providing them extra services and supports that GEN professional team cannot offer offline. GEN Buddies is aiming to connect all GEN members and youth nationwide by offering interactive and virtual services through its online platform.