Methodist College

Founded in 1983, Methodist College is the first college to offer the GCE A-Level and UK programme. The College has an excellent track record in the sciences preparing students for university studies in Medicine, Engineering, Pharmacy, Dentistry, Biotechnology and other courses. They also have a long tradition of teaching English Literature and Law.

The College’s mission is to nurture a community where excellence, in all its forms, is celebrated; and where individuals come alive to their God-given ability to make a unique difference in the world.

They believe in the potential of all Collegians to rise to his or her calling as stewards of God's creation. Their time at the College should foster a joy for learning, and an intelligent appreciation of the beauty of nature, and the inalienable worth of every human being. This will lead to a life-long passion for making a significant difference to their families, society and the nation. Click here for more information.