Insworld Institute

Insworld Institute is a Singapore-based secondary school which provides local and international students an education based on a holistic approach and the British academic system. The institute offers GCE London Examination Board (Edexcel) curriculum. They are now working closely with Pearson, UK’s Largest Awarding Organisation Offering Academic and Vocational Qualifications. The partnership has reinforced the school’s mission to provide quality British education by offering Pearson Edexcel and Pearson BTEC programmes and offering courses at every level of high school education and beyond.

Besides, their programmes are fundamentally different from other schools in Singapore in that students have a far greater choice of subjects, can take certain exams at various times of the year and are equipped with skills that are vital for success in higher education and their professional careers later on.

Since 2001, Insworld has produced academic achievers who have progressed to prestigious universities worldwide such as the Imperial College of London (UK), University of Michigan (US), Sydney University (Australia), Trinity College (Ireland) and Fudan University (China). They also have alumni and alumnae who now have established careers in highly regarded fields such as Medicine, Engineering and Law. Click here for more information.