The Glasgow School of Art

Founded in 1845 as a Government School of Design, The Glasgow School of Art has grown to become one of the United Kingdom's pre-eminent institutions for the study and advancement of fine art, design and architecture. Today, the School continues to be pioneering with new developments and programmes such as the Digital Design Studio, the Centre for Advanced Textiles, new taught postgraduate programmes such as Medical Visualisation, Design Innovation and Communication Design; and a new campus, with the Reid Building completed in 2014.

At GSA, students can expect plenty of space and time to experiment with their materials. The Technical Support Department provide the facilities and expertise to support the work of specialist areas of study whilst also offering the opportunity to access resources outside of conventional discipline boundaries. Furthermore, the GSA Library has one of the finest art, design and architecture collections in the UK, providing students and staff with access to high quality information, resources and services. Click here for more information.