Curtin Singapore

Curtin Singapore is the second off-shore campus of Australia's Curtin University. Curtin Singapore is an Australian-based university that provides local and international students with the opportunity to receive an Australian university education in Singapore. The University initially offered courses from the university's School of Business and eventually expanded to include humanities, and Health Sciences. Future plans include courses from the School of Engineering.

The courses offered by the Singapore campus follows the identical structure and curriculum content as those offered at the main Bentley Campus in Perth. During their course of studies, students have the discretion to transfer to other Curtin campuses in Sydney or Perth to gain further international exposure and widen their perspectives.

Curtin's new 60,000 square feet campus in Singapore allows the University to be able to provide courses on its own merit. All Curtin University courses are now delivered at the campus commonly known as Curtin Singapore. Students at the Singapore campus are awarded the same degree and transcripts as their peers at the other campuses.

Curtin Singapore's operations began in December 2008 with an initial enrolment of 900 students. This included new and continuing students who were enrolled in Curtin's courses through the University's Partners in Singapore. Curtin Singapore now hosts over 2000 students. Click here for more information.