Concord College

Concord College is a highly academic independent international school in England for day and boarding students. They expect their students to achieve the highest standards and to gain entry to top universities in the UK. They also take care to nurture the individuality of students at Concord to develop their self-confidence. They are also encouraged to understand the needs of others and to respect the values of the Concord community.

Concord College goals are:

  • • To provide a first rate academic education to students from around the world.
  • • To give students the confidence and qualifications to enable them to enter good quality universities in the UK and beyond.
  • • To provide a safe and caring environment in which students can live, learn and grow.
  • • To provide high quality resources and facilities.
  • • To give opportunities for students to find self-worth and enjoy their student life through a wide range of curricular and enrichment activities.
  • • To give students opportunities to stay in contact with home and the wider world.
  • • To recruit, retain, support and develop high quality staffs that are committed to the ethos of the college.
  • • To encourage all students and staff to value the community of the college and its emphasis on decency and trust.
  • • To prepare all students for the challenges of adult life

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