Education Counselling & Student Services

• Course and Career Counselling

• GEN Psychometric Test

• Universities / College Admission

• Airport Pick-Up Arrangement

• Accommodation Booking

• Air Ticket Booking

• Student Visa Application Advice

• Pre-Departure Briefing

• Qualified Education Agent Counselor (QEAC) For Australia

• UCAS Application Centre (For UK Universities)

• 'GEN BUDDIES' Worldwide Membership

  • Course Counselling and Programme Information
    We have comprehensive information about tertiary courses and institutions of higher learning both local and abroad, and can help determine the right choice for you, based on your needs.
  • Career Counselling and Preparation Courses
    Not quite sure which path is the best for you? Our team of experts offer personality counselling, Career Preparation Courses and job matching services in order to provide the clarity you need for your future, beyond education.
  • Full Service in the Enrollment and Admission Process
    Once you’ve made your choice, just sit back, and leave the procedures and paperwork in the hands of our experienced team.
  • Transportation and Accommodation Arrangements
    We’ll be with you all the way – literally! From arranging your on-site or off-site accommodation, to airport send-offs and pickups, you can be sure a GEN Education representative will be there.
  • Student Visa Applications
    If you’re headed abroad for your studies, we’ll help you take care of the necessary visa applications or any other documentation too.

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