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Your Ticket to the World

Enhance a quality international education with an international study experience when you study abroad at our prestigious partner institutions.

Your journey overseas begins right here!

A Truly Asia Learning Experience

With world-renowned institutions and extraordinary melting pot of cultures, Malaysia is the destination of choice for locals and international students alike.

Start your Truly Asia learning experience here!

Get Inspired, Get Educated

Better Education isn’t just about that one degree. From MBAs to vocational programmes, or even short workshops, GEN Education has everything you need for a lifetime of learning.

One-stop Education Solutions

Open 7 days a week, 365 days a year, GEN Education Hubs is your first stop for any education-related concerns you may have.

Be a GEN Buddy Today

Enjoy exclusive privileges and connect, interact and share your experiences with a network of peers worldwide when you join the GEN Buddies network.

For Education and Beyond

From education fairs, to competitions, or even sporting events, there’s something for everyone in our event roster. Get updated on the latest events near you.