Canon EOS Workshop


In conjunction with our Healthy Lifestyle Day, we are also proud to have Canon with us to provide a photography workshop.

The workshop will be touching on the fundamentals of photography. A product specialist from Canon will be with us to coach participants about the operations and features of the camera, as well as discovering controls that will produce different results for your photo. Additionally, different camera features and photographic techniques to enhance pictures will be taught as well.

The Canon EOS Academy is a series of photography workshop designed to teach and coach participants the theories and practicality of digital photography. Additionally, various techniques to create brilliant looking images via EOS digital SLR cameras are part of the training via different workshops.

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Heriot-Watt University Malaysia Seminar and Information & Application Days

In a series of event, GEN Education is proud to host Heriot-Watt University Malaysia Campus in our GEN Education Hub in Kuching. HWUM will be organising Information and Application Days at the Hub on 10th and 11th MAY.

726d7cab70dd82afe5f54c2fa9c4e4ffThe brand new Heriot-Watt University, Putrajaya Campus, Malaysia

With the brand-new university campus taking shape and awaiting a grand opening in September 2014, HWUM is welcoming students from Malaysia and neighbouring Asian countries to pursue high-quality and globally-recognised higher education in Malaysia. Continue reading Heriot-Watt University Malaysia Seminar and Information & Application Days

University of Brighton Malaysia Application & Interview Days 2014

The University of Brighton Application and Interview Days are back! We at GEN are proud to once again host the event on 04 May and 06 May. So come and get to know more about studying in an elegant coastal city in the southeast UK!

University of Brighton (from left clockwise): Crowcroft Building; Huxley Building; Falmer Campus and Grand Parade campus. Continue reading University of Brighton Malaysia Application & Interview Days 2014

How to Get Scholarship For Your University Studies?

When having chats with students, we will always come across this question: “So got scholarship or not?” It’s pretty common because tertiary education will cost a bomb and burned pockets with dragon fire.  Is financial aid so hard to obtain? Here is a step-by-step guide on securing financial aid for your uni studies.

1) Finding programmes that interest you

A lot of students come in with their SPM/O-Level result with large question marks hanging over their heads? “I have no idea what I should be studying.” Once again, you are not alone.


Often, our first question to students is “What are you interested in?” We try to gauge the strength and passion of students. Things like Wwhat do you enjoy most during your school days? What would you like to be in the future? A lot of student just laugh when asked: “What is your ambition?” Trust me, it’s a valid question and we have been writing essays concerning that topic since we are in primary school.

In short, try pick a career path to pursue. There are financial aids that are offered by corporations that focused on speciality.  Scholarships like Genting Sanyen and Samling Scholarships preferred students which are interested in engineering, IT or Arts discipline. Continue reading How to Get Scholarship For Your University Studies?

Arm Yourself With The Right Education

Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.

-Nelson Mandela

We strongly agree with the famous quote and as such we would like to further bolster the concept. Hence, we are organising a mass information and application day in our state-of-the-art Education Hub at Kuching.


As your one-stop education information centre, we will be providing the following services:

Events in March

March will be a busy month for us. The upcoming UK Education Fair by the British Council is imperatively marked in our calendar. Once again, GEN will be proudly representing an assembly of UK universities in the fair. So do watch out for us!

Apart from the fair, we will be welcoming several university representatives to our GEN offices throughout March. Here’s a confirmed list coming to join us. To get the latest updates on the events, you can browse our Events Calendar. Don’t miss the opportunity to talk to the respective universities and get to know more about studying with them.

Project Launching of GEN Education Hub @ Kuching

Our tag line says it all: Beyond Education. We are moving towards this with the launch of an education hub.

The external outlook of GEN Education Hub, Kuching

GEN Education Hub is an integrated one-stop tertiary education information centre where students and parents alike can find all information they need to know about further and higher education. In one place. On a daily basis. So, just imagine an education fair that you can visit on any day that you want. Continue reading Project Launching of GEN Education Hub @ Kuching

Asking For Feedback During University Studies

Getting feedback from others, be it classmates, lecturers or tutors, can be a rewarding experience to your personal development and growth. There’s the generalisation that we, Malaysian (and mostly Asian) students tend to hold back when it comes to asking for feedback. It tends to be the reality as we are, sadly, not schooled to be vocal and responsive.

So how do we get the best out of the usage of feedback in our university years?

Many universities have setup various feedback avenues for students. Be it online blackboards, emails, tutor meetings and seminars, students have ample opportunities to gain feedback from various sources.


Who to Ask For Feedback?

Lecturer – Usually, the first point of feedback should be the lecturer responsible for your course module. Setup a meeting with him/her to discuss feedback. It can be about your progress so far, assignments questions or module discussions. Continue reading Asking For Feedback During University Studies

New Logo, New Dynamics

It has been an enterprising two years for GEN. Upon the dynamic development and phenomenal growth, GEN is currently reorganised as GEN Education Group, which compromised of several operating companies, featuring GEN Education Malaysia, GEN Education Asia, GEN Education Hub and ASEAN-MBA.


With the tremendous expansion in place, a new corporate brand logo is being introduced. Coupled with the brand-new tagline “Beyond Education”, GEN aimed at strengthening our corporate brand in accordance to the new GEN group structure. The updated brand identity symbolizes our endeavours for continual growth and unbending commitment to ensure everyone has access to world-class educational opportunities. Continue reading New Logo, New Dynamics

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